Technology is woven throughout our lives. Most of us are heavily vested in the progress made, especially with recent and upcoming technological advances. There is no doubt taht much of the technology we have today has significantly changed our day-to-day lives. The advancement of technology over time has led to an increase in comforts. There’s no question technology makes our lives better by some definition. However, if Christians aren’t careful about the way they view technology or science, it could lead them down a very slippery slope. So I would like to ask what are the ways in which Christians should view technological advancements? While the topic may appear daunting at first, there is a biblically sound way to approach technology while still making use of it! Let’s see how we can find this path through the scriptures.

What Technology Informs Us About God

God gives us great wisdom that helps us understand who He is and more importantly why He created us. As Christians, this is one aspect of our beliefs where we must be diligent! Some Christians believe there is something wrong with technology or science entirely because they have been taught that God hates these things. Sometimes this comes from a misunderstanding of a passage such as when Paul says “In the last days scoffers will come, scoffing and following their own desires” (2 Peter 3:3). Or sometimes its from taking the warnings of science and technology to extremes without fully considering all the biblical principles involved. If we believe that God hates technology or science, then that means we might believe other things that God doesn’t approve of either. For example, why not just go live outdoors like Adam and Eve did before The Fall happened? One reason we don’t do that anymore is that we take advantage of all the things God put on earth for us – things like caves, trees… and other people!! But there are many Christians today who would like to live more like Adam and Eve, so why wouldn’t they want to use technology or science? That would just be disregarding everything God gave us. Which is likely why some don’t think much about them in the first place.

The truth of what technology tells us about God can only be known if we have first gained an understanding of Who God Is. And again, when it comes to science, it could also become the biggest stumbling block between us and God, keeping us from knowing Him! This was particularly true before Jesus came upon the scene though for others who were convinced that religion needed to change, not necessarily science. While some aspects of religious traditions might need to change based on new discoveries (like showing religious tolerance for different groups), many of these changes have nothing to do with science. Science is never going to affect our faith. It will tell us what God’s nature is (scientific laws) but won’t have any effect on how we interact with God directly. Science only applies indirectly through nature’s laws telling us what life was like in the past and how it might be in the future. As long as science isn’t given a free pass to do whatever it wants without being challenged at all times, it will help us know God more. This is exactly what God intends for His Word – a resource full of information that teaches us all about Him!

How We Can Handle Technology Better

So far we’ve covered some information about technology and science. Now that you have those concepts behind us, let’s talk about ways you could implement them into your Christian faith. One way could be through living out our faith every day even when no one else is around! Many people think they should perform acts of service and charity in public settings only because that would force them out there in front of people who would appreciate them more if they kept doing them off-stage. On the contrary, what you need to know is this: most people don’t even notice what goes on around them unless it pertains directly to their own personal needs at any given moment! They’re so focused on themselves that very little of anything else happens within their peripheral vision. But one thing does happen when you act generously towards everyone – you lift up the name of Christ in a way few others do! You show people what unselfish love looks like, and how great it feels to help others just because God loves them so much. There are countless stories of non-believers turning their hearts to Jesus after receiving an incredible act of love from someone they knew to be Christian, simply because they saw how good it felt! And as Christians who strive daily to represent God through our actions (1 John 2:5) ,we must do this well enough for people to recognize what He stands for by how we act. A simple act of kindness won’t get anyone too close to believing in Him. Only when we make believers feel as though they’re part of a family instead of strangers among millions who don’t care about them much at all will they come closer and finally accept Him into their lives.

There’s another way too, especially when it comes to technology that would require Christians giving up some freedom to do it – exercise moderation! We’ve already established above that science and technology will always tell us about God, whether we want them to or not. But here’s where Christians could try and limit themselves in terms of using certain things like social media platforms or smartphone apps for example . This would be done solely out of fear of how badly these technologies can mess up our lives. Even though these problems exist (and they do ), moderation isn’t always possible when faced with an issue like this one. Yes, it takes self-control and discipline not just for yourself but also for everyone else around us who may be affected by our decisions. Still, if we handle technology better ,maybe more people wouldn’t get hurt due to misusing social media or smartphones !

Finally, how about we try opening our hearts just a little bit wider so there’s room inside it? We have all sinned against God(Romans 3:23 ) which causes death – spiritual separation from Him (Romans 6:23 ). When we fail at this, we tend to get stuck in our own worldviews and perspectives that might restrict us more than necessary ,especially when it comes to scientific thought processes… A lot of them go hand-in-hand anyway ,but maybe just a smidgeon extra in each area wouldn’t hurt anything! At least not much worse than already being guilty of sinning against God… Well, do I really need to tell you?! Haha! No mater which way it turns out though… you’re probably right: only Jesus Christ can save anyone from eternal damnation regardless of faith background ! So why worry about any of this?


Living like Jesus truly is worth it to live the best life possible – despite what all the haters say!!