Life is full of ups and downs, joys and sorrows, highs and lows. But when bad things happen, how do you hang onto your faith? When your world falls apart, how do you keep believing God loves you and that the trials are part of something bigger than you know? This week, I’m giving a special workshop to help equip you to be confident in God no matter what’s happening around you.

Here at LifeForte, we’re on a mission to help people build vibrant, authentic faith. We want to come alongside you as you deal with real-life struggles so they can strengthen not weaken you. We’ve helped over 250 churches start Sonday groups to help adults take their next spiritual step into authentic community where life is shared and hope is found.

In this article, I’m going to share the first four keys you need if you’re going to be a person who confidently depends on God. Let’s jump in…

  1. You must embrace a divine perspective. The Bible offers clear insight into the value of life experiences from a perspective few of us would ever choose. God sees all events as meaningful, having specific purpose, and working together for good in every circumstance (Romans 8:28). The most important thing we can do in our lives is to accept a divine perspective. Otherwise, we are left looking through a tunnel where life makes no sense. However, when we begin with God’s higher perspective, He gives us fresh insights into why life is the way it is, and we begin to see His love and care for us even during the hardest times.

  2. You must recognize the opportunity you have. We live in the best time and place to experience our Creator. The Bible opens the door to knowing Him better and helps us explore who we are in relation to Him. Every experience gives us an opportunity to learn something about God or ourselves. Each trial creates a chance to understand God’s love differently, grow in maturity, or develop empathy and compassion for others. An old adage has it right. “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.”

  3. You must face your fears. Faith often requires us to let go of fear and replace it with trust. The longer we walk with God, the more confident we become in His presence because His love permeates everything He does. But change is scary, so you will probably face some deep-seated fears (for example, failure or abandonment) along the way. It’s essential to take courage and embrace those fears in order to get to the other side and find joy again. We don’t do this alone though—we take Jesus’ hand!

  4. You must embrace a firm foundation. Before we built our house, my husband drew blueprints, chose a builder, and dug a foundation. Once the walls were up, he anchored them firmly by pouring concrete into the center of each floor. These steps made sure our home wouldn’t crumble when a storm came or termites started eating away at it. Our soul is like that house; without a firm foundation, it will crumble under pressure too. A godly life is supported by two main pillars: the Word of God and intimate relationship with Christ (Hebrews 6:18–19).


If you’d like help learning how to keep believing despite tough seasons in life, reach out today! Our team here at LifeForte is dedicated to helping you navigate difficulties and lean on Him as you seek peace in your daily life. Sign up for an introductory meeting below if this resonates with you or click this link!

Written by: Marko Vuksic