Many pastors are reluctant to ask for help. They often feel they need to do it all. Or, as if the problem isn’t a big deal. Or, that it will somehow appear too vulnerable or weak to even ask.

But in order for you to thrive as a leader–and fulfill your calling–you must learn how and when to ask for help. Why? The success of an organization depends on more than just the skills of its leader; it also relies upon the people and resources around them who can take some of the load off so that they can focus on doing what they’re supposed to be doing in the first place.

So let me share with you two things that have really helped me. One is my view of what it means to be weak. The other is the way I approach asking for help. These may help you understand why we struggle to ask for help in the first place.

What a man conceals he must one day bring to light. – Socrates


I’ve leared that it’s not possible to do everything yourself. As difficult as the truth of this statement may be to accept, it’s still true: You simply cannot do it all. To get past this natural tendency to try to bear the responsibilities and burdens of all those around you, consider these three things.

  • “Don’t assume you know what your weaknesses are.” – Ego blindness prevents us from seeing our own shortcomings. If we aren’t careful, pride and arrogance can be our biggest detriments.
  • “Don’t assume someone else knows what your weaknesses are.” – Even though you are familiar to others, no one knows you better than yourself. So don’t allow them to dictate what your weaknesses should be based on their view of you.
  • “Take time and exercise discipline to find out what your weaknesses are.” – Don’t be lazy! Instead, purpose in your heart that you will humble yourself by pursuing the truth about your weaknesses.

Change Your Mindset When Asking for Help

Doing the work is hard enough. Having to depend on others to make it happen only adds to our burden. But here’s the thing to remember: It doesn’t have to. We tend to think we have to get help by having to ask for it from others. But there are four ways you can think differently about it.

  • First, when asking people to pitch in and help, remind them you need a volunteer.
  • Second, find people who love what you do and have a passion for ministry.
  • Third, join forces with churches near you – one church helping another.
  • Fourth, look to serve and partner with organizations that support the local church.

This means connecting with leaders of local businesses, social service agencies, and even groups of retired individuals who would enjoy volunteering their time and talents toward a worthy goal or cause.

For example, let’s say you’re building a new facility. With the right partners, you might consider these possibilities:

  • Vocational classes from a local college or trade school can train students in construction and how to manage a project. It can also serve as a benefit to the student. In addition to working under an experienced mentor, they’ll gain valuable insight into real world situations.
  • Reach out to local contractors and trades people who are known for doing top-quality work. Offer them a percentage of the total job cost or maybe give them a portion of the property once completed if it helps them build up their business at no additional expense. This can become a win-win situation for everyone involved. They gain exposure while saving money on overhead costs while hiring skilled laborers for less than the typical market value. At the same time they still produce quality results on schedule!


You have something to offer that no one else has. Not only do you possess unique talents and abilities, but God has called you specifically to lead an organization, minister to people, and bring healing to the lives of others. And finally, in His strength, He wants to empower you every step of the way!

It is imperative that we remain open minded regarding opportunitiea to extend ourselves beyond our comfort zones. Be willing to consider new ideas and methods as long as they align with Scripture and the mission of Christ.